The Life Company

Whether you are a large corporation, a small business entity or an individual seeking coverage, our plans can be tailored to suit your Life and Health Insurance coverage needs.


Life Plans

Who will protect your loved ones when you have gone?

Who will ensure that your children have a college education?

A Life Plan from RF&G Life can do this for you.


Health Plans

If there is a major accident or illness, can your savings cover your medical expenses?

Or will you have to mortgage your home and take out a bank loan?

A Health Plan from RF&G Life can protect you from that financial risk both home and abroad.


Education Plans

Wondering how you will pay for your child’s college education? RF&G Life can help with a plan that not only helps with education expenses, but also converts into a fully paid Life Policy for your child.


Personal Accidents

Involved in an accident? A Personal Accident Plan from RF&G Life provides coverage in the case of accidental death, loss of limbs or loss of vision.


Endowment Plans

Do you have your five-year plan in place?

An RF&G Life Endowment Plan can make it a reality, giving you a payment every five years. If you die before benefits mature, your beneficiary will collect the entire amount, even if in life you collected a portion already.


Last Expenses Plans

Put something in place for burial expenses so that you do not financially burden your grieving family (no medical questions asked).


Annuity Plans

Are you ready for retirement?

An Annuity or Pension Plan can help.

It allows you to choose when you want to retire and how much you will collect each month until you die.

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