Life Insurance

When you die the bank will pay what you saved. The Insurance Company will pay what you meant to save. Call us.

Benefits & Features

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Term Life

 A lot of people start off with term life insurance because it’s the most affordable. It covers you for a set amount of time, and once the term ends, so does your policy.

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Creditor Life

Protects your debts in the event of your death so your family will not be liable.

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Whole Life

Whole life covers you for your whole life, and comes with a cash value you can use to help with things like paying for your kids’ college, upgrading your home, or retirement.

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Universal Life

Universal life covers you for your whole life, but gives you more flexibility – letting you adjust premium payments and schedules to fit your life and budget, while still giving you benefits you can use during your life.

RFG Life Plans

Personal Accidents

Provides cover in the event of an accident that enables you from performing your normal day to day functions in the form of a lump sum.

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Critical Illness

Protects you against listed critical illnesses with a lump sum payment to help with medical bills, and costs associated.

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Last Expenses

Helps to cover the cost of final expenses and burial. Put something in place for burial expenses so that you do not financially burden your grieving family (no medical questions asked).

RF&G Life Insurance plans

Student Triple Protection

An insurance policy that a school can take out on its students to help cover things such as accidents and illness.
RF&G Life Insurance plans

Talent Builder

A life insurance policy that can be taken out between the birth of a child until they are 12 years old. The policy will mature when they turn 18 and is typically used to help pay for further education.